Authentication services : How Reselling Platforms Verify Luxury Items authenticity ?

October 27, 2023

Authentication and traceability pose considerable challenges within the pre-owned luxury market. As an owner of a resale business, it's probable that you have implemented a rigorous authentication process in your consignment store. Secondhand platforms typically offer expert authentication services, but the specific nature of these services can vary significantly. Authentication can be executed by dedicated physical teams of experts or via digital software solutions. Additionally, it's crucial to note that for some second-hand platforms such as Vestiaire Collective or Vinted, the authentication process may come with additional fees for customers, as fashion resellers, we strongly recommend you consider when evaluating the marketplaces to cross-list your items on. Authentication is often one of the key reasons why consumers shop on marketplaces, when they trust their expertise. Let's now delve deeper into the diverse authentication services offered across various secondhand fashion platforms

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Marketplaces Rely on Expert Teams for Authenticating Pre-Loved Luxury items 

The authentication process on platforms such as Vestiaire Collective, Rebelle, TheRealReal, Joli Closet, and The Vintage Bar adheres to a consistent method with several crucial steps. Initially, a team of experts conducts a thorough examination of the photos of the item you wish to sell. After a sale is made, the item is shipped to their warehouses where authentication specialists perform a physical inspection, scrutinizing every element of the product, including materials, stitching, labels, logos, and engravings. The final and equally important step involves a quality control assessment. The authentication team compares the listing on the website with the actual item being sold. If the item's condition doesn't match what was described in the listing, the platform does not validate the sale. This stringent verification process safeguards the integrity of transactions and ensures buyer satisfaction on the platform.

Typically, this authentication process is optional, meaning consumers have the option to incur an extra expense between 10-15€ for item authentication. However, certain platforms, such as Poshmark, provide authentication services free of charge for luxury pieces and other premium designer items valued at over $500

Rebelle, Poshmark, The Vintage Bar, and many other online marketplaces also offer an independent concierge service, allowing both fashion enthusiasts and professional vintage dealers to authenticate their pre-owned items. Rebelle even makes the authentication process free if you opt to sell your item through the platform.

Leverage AI to authenticate secondhand items 

Some platforms favor the use of artificial intelligence to authenticate products sold on their platform, either as a standalone method or in conjunction with their physical authentication service. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) for authenticating luxury products in the second-hand market represents a significant advancement in the field. This technology enables a more precise and efficient verification of the authenticity of luxury items, providing greater peace of mind for both buyers and sellers.

AI can meticulously analyze product features, including materials, logos, engravings, and other distinctive elements, relying on comprehensive databases and machine learning models. It can also compare these features with original references and specifications to detect counterfeit items.

Libas has recently introduced its own AI-based authentication system for luxury items, known as ASLE AI. This offering provides three authentication channels, physical and digital, further bolstering the trustworthiness of sellers on this reselling platform.

ASLE AI authentification software for pre-loved luxury items Libas markeplace
demo of Asle AI algorithm by Libas, ©

You can also find online services like Enthrupy, which is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in the authentication of luxury products such as handbags, shoes, watches, and jewelry. Entrupy utilizes high-resolution photos and machine learning algorithms to assess the authenticity of items. Their precise rating system has become an essential tool for retailers, online platforms, and consumers looking to verify the authenticity of pre-owned luxury goods, bolstering trust in the market while combating counterfeiting. 

In order to choose wisely your authentication process, we advise you to read our article decided to this topic: Ensuring Authenticity in Secondhand: Essential Websites and Applications for Authenticating your Luxury Items

Vinted Unveils his new In-House Authentication Service for Added Vintage Dealer’s Confidence

Vinted recently unveiled its own authentication service. The concept is straightforward: a team of experts based in Hamburg is tasked with verifying the authenticity of purchases. These seasoned professionals in the fight against counterfeits have amassed several years of experience, including within the luxury item verification teams of the German platform Rebelle, which was acquired by the group in 2022. The Vinted service is already operational in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. There's a strong likelihood that it will be expanded to many more countries in the near future. 

The option to verify items on Vinted is offered at a cost of only 10 euros, providing the buyer with a guarantee of the authenticity of their future purchase.

Once a buyer has made their purchase and checked the "item verification" box, the product is initially sent to Vinted's warehouse in Hamburg. The seller receives a shipping label to send the product to this warehouse.

Upon receipt of the package, qualified experts meticulously inspect the product to ensure that it is indeed an authentic item. If the verification is successful, the item is then shipped to the address provided by the buyer. The buyer also receives a Vinted paper label as proof of the item's authenticity, which can be an additional advantage for any future resale.

However, if the verification fails, the buyer receives a full refund in accordance with Vinted's policy. This refund includes the verification fee, buyer protection fees, and shipping costs. On average, Vinted anticipates a timeframe of around 10 days from the seller's shipment to the receipt of the authenticated item by the new owner.

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eBay's Investment in Its Own Authentication System for Pre-Loved Luxury Items

To enhance trust with its customers, the e-commerce platform eBay has recently introduced its own physical authentication service in 2020. The service was initially dedicated to luxury watches sold for over $2,000 and later expanded to sneakers sold for over $100. eBay has recently announced the expansion of its service to include new or used bags sold for over $500.

This move by eBay was driven by a desire to address concerns about counterfeit and fraudulent listings on their platform. Here's how the service typically works:

When a seller lists a high-value item, such as a luxury watch, pair of sneakers, or designer bag, and the item meets the specified price threshold, the seller has the option to send the item to eBay's authentication center. 

At the authentication center, eBay's experts conduct a thorough inspection of the item. For luxury watches, this may involve examining the watch's design, materials, and movement to ensure it matches the description. For sneakers and bags, they may check for authenticity labels, stitching, and overall quality.

 If the item passes the inspection, eBay issues an authentication certificate. This certificate serves as proof of the item's authenticity and is included with the listing.

The presence of an authentication certificate gives buyers added confidence that the item they're purchasing is genuine and as described. It also helps eBay establish trust in the marketplace.

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Thanks to these thorough authentication processes, marketplaces build trust relationships with consumers. Selling on marketplaces enables you, as a resale business owner, to sell faster to worried buyers. 

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