Rebelle selling guide : How Rebelle Can Elevate Your Reselling Business

September 21, 2023

As a professional reseller, you understand that success hinges on your ability to find the best platforms to expand your clientele and maximize your profits. With more than 200 000 products and around 756 600 visits per month, Rebelle stands out for luxury fashion resellers. In this article, we will explore how this platform can become a crucial asset to grow your business.

What are the Advantages of Selling on Rebelle for Pro Resellers?

Global Visibility

Rebelle boasts a dynamic community, with a particularly strong presence in Europe, especially in Northern regions and Germany; thus you gain access to a centralized fashion market, significantly expanding and targeting your customer base and increasing your sales opportunities.

Luxury Selection

If your business focuses on high-end items, Rebelle is the ideal place to discover and sell designer pieces. The platform primarily emphasizes an impressive array of handbags, shoes, clothing, and luxury accessories.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Rebelle is renowned for its unwavering authenticity policy. As a professional seller, you can rest assured that the items you buy and sell on the platform are genuine and of high quality. This strengthens your customers' trust, which is essential in the luxury resale sector.

Check out Rebelle's authenticity policy.

User-Friendly Interface

Rebelle has been designed to be simple and user-friendly. You can easily list your items for sale, manage your transactions, and interact with potential buyers. The platform also provides responsive customer support to assist you when needed.

Starting to Sell on Rebelle: Key Steps to attend 

Before starting to sell on Rebelle or any other resale platform it’s important to consider several aspects. Here are some key points to know before getting started: 


Create a professional account on Rebelle by providing the necessary information. On the registration page, you will typically have the option to choose between "Buy" and "Sell." Select the "Sell" option to indicate that you want to sell items as a professional. After listing your first item you will need to provide information such as your name, email address, your company name (if applicable), and additional documents to prove that you are a professional seller. They will enable the Rebelle team to verify your account. Once your account is verified, you can create your professional seller profile. This may include information about your business, profile photos…

Listing Your Items

Capture stunning photos of your items and create detailed listings. Don't forget to include information about the item's condition, sizes, authenticity, and history. Here are the different wear conditions you can mention on Rebelle : 

Worn : Has been used frequently. Shows obvious signs of wear.Exhibits defects such as  scratches or visible stains. Remains functional and suitable for use. Complies with Rebelle's quality standards.

Good : Has been worn and washed multiple times. Is in good condition.  Has minor defects, such as visible signs of wear, slightly stretched threads, or small pills. Has no major defects.

Very Good: Has been lightly worn. Is in excellent condition.  Displays no imperfections or defects. May have minor traces of wear, such as light scratches or discreet edge wear.

New : Has never been worn. Appears brand new. Shows no signs of wear or defects. May come in its original packaging.

Listing manually your items from your e-shop to Rebelle or any other resale platform can be a time-consuming process. Let Oly list your items automatically for you; you'll save time and focus on developing your business. 

Find out how Oly helps you to connect your product catalog to Rebelle below.

Pricing and Commission Policies

Familiarize yourself with Rebelle pricing and commission policies. On Rebelle specifically you might expect a commission fee of 20% to 25%. However, with Oly, you are free to choose the markup you want to add on each marketplace, not to impact too much your profit margins.

Shipping and Payment

Respond to potential buyers' inquiries, negotiate prices, and easily manage your transactions on the platform. Once the sale is completed, utilize Rebelle's secure shipping options to send the item to the buyer. You will receive your payment after the buyer confirms the receipt of the item in accordance with the description. 

Regarding the payment deadlines, the buyer has 14 days after receipt of the item to return it. If no return has been made the payment is made automatically in the following week with the next payroll. It will take approximately 5-7 working days to receive the payment on your bank account.

More Tips for Success on Rebelle  as a Professional Reseller

Polish Your Photos and items description

High-quality images are crucial for capturing buyers' attention. Take the time to photograph your items from different angles and ensure they are well-lit. Also note that pictures without backgrounds are mandatory on the platform; Rebelle offers a service to remove the background from your pictures for 0.23€ (per photo). As well as for the description, the more your items will be detailed, the more you will have a chance to sell it. 

Competitive Pricing

Research market prices for similar items and set competitive prices to attract buyers.

Respond Promptly to Buyer Inquiries

Responsiveness is key to building trust. Be prepared to answer buyer questions promptly and provide additional information as needed.

Stay Informed About Trends

Always keep an eye on fashion trends. Items that are currently in demand are more likely to sell quickly.

Rebelle x Oly 

Automate your product listings on Rebelle thanks to Oly

Our mission at Oly is to help fashion resellers, so that you can effortlessly synchronize your product catalog to Rebelle, upload items, and manage listings, all in a single click. You have full control over which products to feature and at which prices. When an item is sold out in your store, Oly automatically removes it from Rebelle, keeping your listings up-to-date !

Simplify order management on Rebelle with Oly

Oly also offers an order management system within Rebelle. When you make a sale on Rebelle, your inventory is instantly updated on your website. This guarantees accurate stock levels across all your sales channels connected through Oly.

Save time and boost your sales by seamlessly connecting your product catalog across multiple marketplaces with Oly. Make your reselling business more efficient and profitable with our easy-to-use digital service. 

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