Tips and tricks for professional resellers to grow your sales on Vestiaire Collective.

November 9, 2023

Vestiaire Collective has established itself as a leading destination for those seeking to indulge in the world of secondhand luxury fashion. Since its creation in 2009, the French platform has been a haven for fashion enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of high-quality, pre-loved designer clothing, accessories, and more. Moreover, the platform has recently acquired its American counterpart, Tradesy, thereby providing its extensive base of 23 million users with a gateway to the U.S. secondhand market.

For professional fashion resellers, consignment business owners, or vintage dealers, selling on Vestiaire Collective is essential to expand your audience and boost sales. In this article, we will share some valuable insights to help you succeed in your reselling activity on Vestiaire Collective.

Vestiaire Collective owning the american marketplace Tradesy

 1. Be aware of new trends and styles 

In the world of secondhand luxury fashion, staying up-to-date with trends is crucial. You can simply curate your Vestiaire Collective storefront by following fashion magazines and social media hashtags. Turn your scrolling into a research opportunity, and don't forget to check the featured collections on the Vestiaire home screen daily, to stay in the know about what's new! 

Staying in sync with the latest trends and styles can significantly boost the number of likes on your items, a pivotal factor for successful sales on Vestiaire. Why is this important? Because likes serve as the primary metric employed by the Vestiaire Collective Team to showcase the top items in their dedicated "We Love" section. If your listing garners a substantial number of likes from the Vestiaire Collective community, there's a good chance it could be featured in the WeLove section.

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2. Enter the “WeLove” section to get more visibility

As mentioned earlier, Vestiaire Collective curates items for the “WeLove” section based on their strong pricing, alignment with current trends, and their popularity within the Vestiaire Collective community, often gauged by the number of likes they accumulate. These WeLove items enjoy a distinct presence on the website and app, complete with their dedicated search filter and a prominent WeLove sticker, making them easily discoverable by potential buyers. Therefore, consider pairing your most trendy pieces with competitive pricing to garner more likes and potentially secure a spot in the coveted WeLove section. This can elevate the visibility of your wardrobe on a global scale within the platform.

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 3. Pricing is Key!  

Always remember that frequent consumers of Vestiaire Collective are looking for great deals which means exclusive pieces and fair prices. While the saying "Don't focus on others'' is a common piece of advice, it’s a wise practice to pay attention to other users' closets when it comes to selling effectively on online marketplaces. This involves evaluating similar items available on the platform and adjusting your own pricing strategy to remain competitive and attract a larger pool of potential buyers.

If you're unsure about how to price your pre-loved item, there's no need to fret. Vestiaire Collective's Curation Team can offer you valuable pricing guidance. According to Vestiaire, professional resellers who heed this advice have professional resellers who follow the pricing advice are 5 times more likely to sell their items. Sellers are granted a 24-hour window to decide whether to accept the suggested price. Additionally, it's worth noting that even after listing, sellers still have the flexibility to adjust their prices if needed. 

4. Be ready to negotiate with buyers 

We also recommend enabling the ‘Make an Offer’ option on your listings to allow buyers to send you an offer. The vast majority of sales happen after the price has been negotiated. Even if it's a small decrease, it will still be appreciated by the buyer. Integrate a small "buffer"  into your initial price. 

Vestiaire Collective - Expert Vendor Badge & Recommended Vendor Badge Tips and Tricks to grow your sales on
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5. Get the “expert vendor” label on Vestiaire with a High-Quality Listing of your product catalog thanks to Oly

Vestiaire Collective acknowledges its top resellers through a certification process. To earn the coveted titles of "Recommended vendor" or "Expert vendor" and enhance your visibility, it is essential to send your orders on time, avoid returns and of course uphold meticulous product listings. This involves including high-quality images, detailed item descriptions, and comprehensive information on the item's condition, size, and unique features. Consistently refreshing your listings by introducing new items or revising existing ones is imperative, as fresh listings have a greater propensity to capture the interest of prospective buyers.

We understand that creating and managing your product catalog can be a time-consuming task. That's where Oly comes in! Oly is the indispensable digital tool designed to streamline and automate the process of listing and updating your products on Vestiaire Collective, as well as various other reselling platforms. 

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Cross list your product catalog from your e-shop to Vestiaire Collective and more marketplaces, with Oly

6. Be a part of the community 

Once you have your product catalog in top shape and set up for automatic updates with Oly, you can free up your time to focus on refining your marketing strategy. Emphasize your identity as a fashion reseller on Vestiaire Collective to build a strong reputation and establish credibility.

To expand your reach and tap into a broader audience, consider actively promoting your Vestiaire Collective shop on various social media platforms. Additionally, think about  following other fashion resellers on the platform in order to stay tune of the trends and drive more traffic to your own closet. Vestiaire Collective also offers a suite of promotional tools, including the "We Love" section, we've previously discussed. Another effective option is to enhance your listings by taking part in their "Flash Sales”; Vestiaire Collective frequently notifies its users about the best deals available on their platform through a 24-hour promotion, which can significantly boost your sales in no time. 

Vestiaire Collective DE: Flash Sale: Hermès Classics | Milled

By adhering to these suggestions and consistently nurturing your Vestiaire Collective shop, you'll increase your sales and expand your presence on the platform. If you're interested in learning more about Vestiaire Collective or exploring other platforms where you can cross-list your pre-loved items with Oly, please refer to our comprehensive marketplaces guide here: Oly marketplaces guide

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