Guide for Fashion Resale Marketplaces Selling Fees and Services for Fashion Resale Businesses

March 24, 2024

In the fast-paced world of fashion resale, understanding the nuances of commission rates and the array of services provided by various marketplaces is paramount for success. As a professional seller, navigating through these platforms requires careful consideration of fees and the level of support offered. Let’s address some questions you might have as a resale business looking to expand your customer base: How does marketplace pricing work? What are the commission rates for professional sellers across major fashion marketplaces? What services are provided to resale businesses selling on marketplaces? 

selling fees for resale businesses professional fashion marketplaces

What are the average selling fees for professional sellers on fashion resale marketplaces?

Fashion resale marketplaces utilize various types of selling fees to sustain their operations and provide services to sellers. Understanding these fees is essential for sellers to calculate their potential profits accurately. Let's explore the different aspects of selling fees on secondhand marketplaces:

1. What are the Different Types of Selling Fees on Secondhand Marketplaces? Fixed Fees and Commission Rates

Secondhand marketplaces typically utilize two primary business models for selling fees: fixed fees and commission rates. Fixed fees are flat charges applied to each listing, while commission rates are a percentage of the final sale price. In some cases, marketplaces also impose payment fees, especially for international sellers. For instance, Grailed charges additional payment fees for international transactions.

Moreover, selling fees can vary based on the seller's location. For example, Joli Closet imposes a €30 fixed fee for sellers outside of the EU and an €8 fee for sellers within the EU.

2. Why are Marketplaces Taking a Commission Rate? What Costs Does it Cover?

Marketplaces take a commission rate to cover various operational costs, including:

  • Marketing and Advertising: Promoting listings to attract buyers and maintain platform visibility. As a resale business, you can consider the listing fee as a way to reduce your own marketing spending and benefit from their huge audience.
  • Authentication Service: Ensuring the authenticity of high-value items through verification processes. Some secondhand marketplaces, especially luxury ones, train authenticators internally to guarantee the authenticity of items sold through their platform.
  • Shipping Fees: Covering the cost of shipping labels and delivery services.
  • Customer Support: Providing assistance to both buyers and sellers, including dispute resolution and inquiries.
  • Logistics: Managing the storage, packaging, and shipping of items when the items sold go through their warehouses.

By charging a commission rate, marketplaces can sustain their operations, invest in platform improvements, and offer valuable services to sellers. All these services represent costs that professional sellers do not need to incur, and are thus a viable source of saving. 

3. What's the Average Commission Rate for Professional Sellers and Entrepreneurs on Fashion Resale Marketplaces?

You might be wondering: is a 20% commission too high? 20% is the average commission rate taken by marketplaces to individual sellers. But for businesses, they offer more competitive selling fees. The average commission rate for professional sellers and entrepreneurs on fashion resale marketplaces typically ranges from 9% to 15%. However, this rate can vary significantly depending on the marketplace and the type of items being sold. In some cases, commission rates may be lower for specialized or luxury items.

4. Where to Find the Information of the Selling Fees for Each Marketplace? 

If you're looking for specific details on selling fees for each marketplace, the FAQ section of their websites is the best place to start. Here, you can find comprehensive information about the fees charged, payment methods accepted, and any additional costs associated with selling on the platform.

In the following sections, we'll provide detailed insights into the selling fees for eight major fashion resale marketplaces: Vestiaire Collective, eBay, Grailed, Joli Closet, The Vintage Bar, Vinted, Libas, and Her Age. 

At Oly, we also gathered this information into a digestible guide for you to navigate the marketplaces landscape easily, and it’s downloadable here. 

Commission Rates for Professional resellers Across Major Pre-Owned Fashion Marketplaces

1. Vestiaire Collective selling fees and services for professional resellers: Elevating Luxury Resale

Commission rate for resale businesses and entrepreneurs on Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective prides itself on offering a premium experience for professional sellers in the luxury resale market. 

Their current commission structure for Professional Sellers has two commission rates: 

  • Standard Commission is always equal or lower – depending on a product’s price range – to the general selling fees on Vestiaire Collective
  • Reduced Commission will always be lower than the general selling fees for sellers than have a low cancellation rate.

Their commission rate ranges from 12% and 16% for professional sellers, and you can access more details about the selling fees and services for resale businesses on their website here

Beyond competitive commission rates, they provide a range of services to enhance seller satisfaction:

Services provided by Vestiaire Collective

  • Authentication Service: A dedicated team of experts verifies the authenticity and quality of each item, ensuring buyers receive genuine luxury products.
  • Seller Protection: Vestiaire Collective offers comprehensive seller protection policies, safeguarding sellers against fraudulent buyers and disputes.
  • Shipping Assistance: Sellers benefit from convenient shipping solutions, including prepaid shipping labels and streamlined logistics.
  • Global Reach: With a worldwide audience of luxury fashion enthusiasts, Vestiaire Collective offers unparalleled exposure for sellers seeking to reach a global market.
  • Automated price offers: this new feature available to professional sellers enables automated responses to buyer offers on your listings, 24/7, for free.
  • Bulk import tools: Fashion resale businesses can upload their catalog in bulk to avoid time-consuming manual listing process. Oly is a tool streamlines the automation listing process for sellers, operating as their technological partner.

Learn some Tips and tricks for professional resellers to grow your sales on Vestiaire Collective here.

Vestiaire Collective B2C commission fee structure professional sellers
Vestiaire Collective selling fees details for B2C professional sellers

2. eBay selling fees and services for professional resellers: The Ultimate Marketplace for Sellers

Listing and final value fees on eBay for professional sellers

eBay charges two main types of fees - a listing fee (also called “insertion fee”) and a final value fee when your item sells. For a monthly subscription, you can also run your own eBay Shop. The fees and benefits for shops vary depending on the type of subscription you choose.

The listing fee will depend on your geography but for fashion items, it typically ranges between 9% and 15%. You can find more details on the Ebay website and visit your local eBay marketplace.

Learn more details about creating Stores on eBay in our detailed article here.

As one of the largest online marketplaces, eBay offers a wide range of services tailored to professional sellers:

Services provided by eBay for resale businesses

  • Seller Tools: eBay provides robust seller tools and analytics to help sellers optimize their listings and maximize sales.
  • Customer Support: Sellers benefit from dedicated customer support channels, including live chat and phone assistance, ensuring prompt resolution of issues.
  • Promotional Opportunities: eBay offers various promotional tools, such as sponsored listings and discounts, to help sellers boost visibility and drive sales.
  • Shipping Solutions: eBay partners with leading shipping carriers to offer discounted rates and streamlined shipping options, making order fulfillment easier for sellers.
ebay selling fees professional sellers

3. Grailed selling fees and services for professional resellers: : Empowering Streetwear Sellers

Commission Rates on Grailed

Grailed operates on a commission-based model, where the platform takes a percentage of the final sale price as commission. For professional sellers, Grailed offers a flat 9% commission on all sales. While US and Canada-based sellers can benefit from various free payment solutions, internal sellers have to use Paypal payments and pay for an additional payment processing fee set by Paypal, which is usually around 3%.

Grailed caters specifically to streetwear and contemporary fashion enthusiasts, offering tailored services for professional sellers:

Services provided by Grailed for Pro sellers

  • Community Engagement: Grailed fosters a community of streetwear enthusiasts, providing sellers with a platform to connect with like-minded buyers.
  • Seller Support: Grailed offers personalized seller support, assisting sellers with everything from listing optimization to order management.
  • Promotional Opportunities: Sellers can leverage Grailed's promotional tools, including featured listings and curated collections, to increase visibility and reach a broader audience.
  • Authenticated Listings: Grailed verifies the authenticity of high-value items through its authentication service, instilling buyer confidence and reducing the risk of counterfeit transactions.

Discover why Selling on Grailed is worth it for professional fashion resellers

Grailed pro seller selling fees commission rate Oly
Grailed pro seller

4. Joli Closet selling fees and services for professional resellers: : A Luxurious Resale Experience

Commission Rates on Joli Closet

Joli Closet offers a flat 15% commission rate for all professional sellers (vs. 18% for private sellers), with an additional fixed cost per sale that depends on the location of the seller: a minimum fee of 8 euros for France, 15 euros for Europe excluding the United Kingdom, 30 euros for the rest of the world.

Joli Closet offers professional sellers in the luxury resale market a range of premium services to enhance their selling experience:

Services provided by Joli Closet for secondhand sellers

  • Authentication Service: Each item sold must be sent to Joli Closet’s warehouse where a dedicated team of experts verifies the authenticity and quality.
  • Shipping Assistance: Sellers benefit from convenient shipping solutions, including prepaid shipping labels and streamlined logistics.
  • Premium Packaging: Sellers benefit from premium packaging options, enhancing the unboxing experience for buyers and reinforcing brand image.
  • Seller Dashboard: Joli Closet provides sellers with a comprehensive dashboard, offering insights into sales performance and inventory management.

5. The Vintage Bar selling fees and services for professional resellers: : Curated Excellence in Vintage Fashion

Commission Rates on The Vintage Bar

The Vintage Bar usually takes a 15% commission rate on the listed prices of professional sellers. However, everything regarding commission will be settled individually once you apply to become a professional partner.

This commission will be applied to adjust the final listing price, with a markup applied on the platform to cover costs such as transaction fees, marketing, and quality control (Q&C), among others.

Services provided by The Vintage Bar for business partners

The Vintage Bar caters to vintage fashion enthusiasts, offering professional sellers a range of specialized services:

  • Expert Curation: The Vintage Bar's team of experts curates a selection of high-quality vintage fashion items, ensuring a premium shopping experience for buyers.
  • Vintage Authentication and quality control: Sellers benefit from The Vintage Bar's authentication service, which verifies the authenticity and quality of vintage items, enhancing buyer confidence.
  • Promotional Partnerships: The Vintage Bar collaborates with influencers and tastemakers in the vintage fashion community to promote sellers' listings and increase visibility.
  • Customized Marketing: Sellers can take advantage of The Vintage Bar's customized marketing solutions, including targeted email campaigns and social media promotions, to reach their target audience effectively.
The Vintage Bar Oly selling fees professional sellers businesses
The Vintage Bar partners

6. Vinted selling fees and services for professional resellers: : Empowering Sellers with a Community Touch

What is the commission for professional sellers on Vinted?

Vinted recently launched a new service “Vinted Pro”, opening their platform to resale businesses and entrepreneurs. And is the most competitive platform in terms of selling fees for professional sellers: it’s free, they do not charge a fee for selling on Vinted, offering secondhand businesses an affordable platform to showcase their items.

Instead buyers are required to pay a buyer protection fee as a percentage of the goods that they buy. This can be between 3% and 8% of each purchase.

Vinted Pro automated listings professional sellers
Vinted Pro

How to price your products on secondhand marketplaces to protect your margins?

Pricing your products effectively on secondhand marketplaces is crucial for maximizing profits while remaining competitive. Here are some key strategies to consider when setting your prices:

1. Consider Negotiation in Your Pricing Strategy

Keep in mind that on many secondhand marketplaces, sales often occur after a negotiation process between the buyer and seller. Therefore, it's essential to set your initial price with some flexibility, allowing room for negotiation while still protecting your margins. Consider pricing your items slightly higher than your target selling price to accommodate potential discounts during negotiations.  But not too much to remain competitive :)

2. Be Competitive to Improve Visibility

In the crowded landscape of secondhand marketplaces, visibility is key to attracting potential buyers. Pricing your products competitively can help improve your listing's visibility and increase your chances of making a sale. Price competitiveness is often a variable taken into account in the visibility algorithms of marketplaces. 

Research similar listings on the platform and adjust your prices accordingly to remain competitive. However, be cautious not to underprice your items significantly, as this could negatively impact your margins.

3. Factor in Marketplace Fees and Selling Costs

When pricing your products, be sure to account for any applicable marketplace fees, such as fixed fees or commission rates. These fees directly impact your bottom line and should be factored into your pricing strategy to ensure you maintain your desired profit margins. Additionally, if they are not supported by the marketplaces themselves, consider other selling costs, such as shipping fees and packaging expenses, when setting your prices.

4. Assess Market Demand and Trends

Stay informed about market demand and trends to make informed pricing decisions. Research popular styles, brands, and trends within your niche to identify which items are in high demand and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly. Additionally, monitor competitor pricing and sales trends to stay competitive and adjust your prices as needed to attract buyers.

5. Provide Clear and Detailed Product Descriptions

Ensure your product listings include clear and detailed descriptions, including information about the item's condition, size, brand, and any unique features. Transparent and accurate product descriptions can help justify your pricing and build trust with potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

By incorporating these strategies into your pricing strategy, you can effectively protect your margins while maximizing your sales potential on secondhand marketplaces. Remember to regularly review and adjust your prices based on market dynamics, buyer feedback, and sales performance to optimize your profitability over time.

Streamlining Operations with Our Inventory Management Solution

In addition to understanding commission rates, managing inventory across multiple platforms can be a daunting task for fashion resale businesses. At Oly, our cutting-edge inventory management solution is designed to alleviate these challenges by:

  • Automated Cross-Listing: Seamlessly list your inventory across all supported marketplaces with just a few clicks, saving you valuable time and effort. Oly connects to your Shopify, WooCommerce eshop to synchronize your product catalog automatically to the resale marketplaces we partner with.
  • Real-Time Inventory Sync: Keep your inventory updated across platforms, preventing overselling and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers and no cancellation fees!
  • Efficient Order Management: Centralize order processing and fulfillment, streamlining your operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. Oly automatically creates an order on your eshop when you sell something on a marketplace.
  • Personalized Support: Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring you get the most out of our platform and achieve your business goals.
Oly crosslisting professional seller enterprise secondhand fashion

Now that you know everything about the selling fees and serviced provided by fashion resale marketplaces for professional sellers, we hope you are convinced that leveraging their audience and marketing effort is a good investment for growing your business! If you need more convincing, read our article here about the benefits of selling on multiple marketplaces.

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