Which resale marketplaces should you choose for your resale business?

May 17, 2024

Choosing which marketplaces to establish a resale business can be a daunting task for fashion resellers. Each platform offers a unique set of features, audiences, and selling strategies, making it essential to choose the right marketplace that aligns with resellers' business goals and target market. In this article, we'll present the most popular resale marketplaces across different regions, providing valuable insights and strategies for effectively selling secondhand items online.


What are the most popular resale marketplaces in Europe ?

Europe showcases a flourishing resale market, with numerous platforms catering to various niches, notably focusing on luxury resale. 

Vestiaire Collective 

Vestiaire Collective, is a prominent player in the secondhand luxury market. Since its inception in 2009, this French platform has attracted fashion enthusiasts worldwide, offering a selection of luxury designer clothing, accessories, and more. With the recent acquisition of its American counterpart, Tradesy, Vestiaire Collective now provides a gateway to the U.S. secondhand market. To fully leverage the capabilities of Vestiaire Collective, resellers should prioritize staying updated on trends, securing exposure in the "We Love" section, strategizing pricing, being prepared to negotiate with buyers and earning trust of buyers as a reputable vendor on the platform.

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Vestiaire Collective : "Nous voulions démocratiser la mode"
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With a user-friendly interface and a vast community of users (over 45 million members), Vinted is a go-to platform for reselling a wide range of clothing, shoes, and accessories, spanning from luxury to mainstream fashion items. With its intuitive interface and robust features, including Vinted Pro tailored for resale entrepreneurs, resellers can easily showcase their inventory and connect with millions of european users. Signing up for Vinted Pro involves providing essential business information, and while subscription and listing are free, sellers can boost visibility through additional services. In conclusion, Vinted offers professional resellers an excellent opportunity to tap into the European resale market, providing a user-friendly platform and tailored features to enhance fashion resellers’ experience and connect with a vast audience.

Thanks to Oly's integration of Vinted, sellers can effortlessly list their items, maximizing their reach and revenue potential on the resale platform.

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Joli Closet

Joli Closet presents an enticing prospect for professional resellers venturing into the resale market, particularly in the realm of luxury fashion. With its curated selection of high-end clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories, Joli Closet caters to luxury fashion lovers. The platform's emphasis on luxury brands and premium items provides resellers with an ideal environment to showcase their inventory and attract affluent buyers from worldwide. Moreover, Joli Closet's commitment to authenticity verification ensures that buyers can shop with confidence, further enhancing the appeal for both sellers and consumers alike. By leveraging Joli Closet's platform, resellers gain access to a niche audience of luxury fashion enthusiasts, allowing them to capitalize on the growing demand for pre-owned designer goods while establishing themselves as trusted resellers. 

© Joli Closet

The Vintage Bar

With nearly 1000 new items added monthly and a rapidly growing community of over 200,000 members, The Vintage Bar is an interesting marketplace for resellers seeking to expand their resale business to a strong community of vintage lovers. Its diverse inventory, rigorous authentication service, community-building initiatives and seamless online integration with Oly offer resellers new avenues for growth and connection.

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© The Vintage Bar

What are the most popular resale marketplaces in the US?

The US resale market offers a plethora of online resale platforms that cater to diverse preferences both for fashion resellers and vintage dealers. Some of the most popular choices include:


Poshmark distinguishes itself as a social marketplace, intertwining conventional e-commerce with social networking features. More than just an online platform, Poshmark serves as a catalyst for individuals to transition their passion for fashion into resale businesses. Additionally, Poshmark offers comprehensive analytics, providing insights into sellers' performance metrics such as views, likes, and sales. Furthermore, the platform streamlines shipping and logistics by offering pre-paid labels and packaging materials, simplifying the selling process for resellers.

© Poshmark


As professional fashion resellers seek to expand their reach and optimize sales, platforms like Grailed have emerged as key players in the industry. Grailed is a premier destination for buying and selling streetwear, designer clothing, and sneakers, with various benefits that appeal to professional fashion resellers, including a user-friendly interface, a simplified listing process, a seamless price negotiations between buyers and sellers for equitable transactions, and stringent guidelines that ensure all items authenticity.

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Grailed is bringing back womenswear with a fresh approach | Vogue Business
© Grailed


eBay offers a cohesive brand identity and centralized hub for conducting transactions with millions of buyers and sellers worldwide, making it an ideal platform for resale businesses. With an eBay store, resellers’ gain a dedicated space within the platform to showcase their products, manage inventory efficiently, and enhance visibility. Indeed, eBay stores function as customizable storefronts, allowing sellers to design layouts, customize branding, and organize products according to their niche. 

Subscribing to an eBay Store provides significant fee savings, especially for professional resellers with over 250 listings per month. For instance, a Basic eBay Store subscription offers zero insertion fees for up to 1,000 listings. Small resale businesses can also utilize eBay to expand their audience and compete effectively by creating compelling listings, offering competitive pricing, and selecting the appropriate subscription option.

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Selling Second Hand in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 


Libas, founded by Paolo Khayat in 2015, is revolutionizing the luxury resale landscape in the MENA region. With a focus on authenticity, and community engagement, Libas emerges as a prominent platform for buying and selling pre-owned luxury items with its localized approach and emphasis on authentication expertise. Indeed with its AI-powered authentication service (ASLE AI), Libas  implements a stringent three-layer authentication process to ensure the genuineness of every item sold, instilling confidence in buyers and sellers alike. For deeper insights into how reselling platforms authenticate sellers' items, delve into the following article: Authentication services : How Reselling Platforms Verify Luxury Items authenticity ?

For fashion resellers looking to tap into the MENA market, Libas provides exclusive access to the Arab and African resale market through its partnership with Oly. By leveraging Libas' AI-powered authentication and community-driven platform, fashion resellers can showcase their inventory to a discerning audience of luxury fashion enthusiasts in this region. 

Discover the backstory of Libas in our exclusive interview with Paolo Jhayat : Libas x Oly interview - the AI-powered go-to platform for shopping second-hand luxury fashion in the Middle East and North Africa

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What is the most popular way to successfully resale online ? 

How Oly helps fashion resellers cross-list their items online ? 

One of the most effective strategies for expanding resellers reach and increasing sales in the resale market is cross-listing your inventory across multiple platforms. By leveraging Oly's innovative Saas B2B solution, fashion resellers can streamline the cross-listing process, saving time and effort while maximizing their exposure to diverse resale market regions. Oly's platform seamlessly integrates with various resale marketplaces such as  Vestiaire Collective, Vinted, eBay, The Vintage Bar, Joli Closet, Grailed, Minto, allowing users to manage their listings efficiently and optimize their selling strategies for optimal results.

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In conclusion, choosing the right resale marketplaces for a fashion resale business requires careful consideration of their target audience, niche preferences, and geographical location. By choosing the selection of online resale platforms presented in this article, fashion resellers can capitalize on the growing demand for secondhand goods and achieve success in the dynamic world of online resale.

To have more information on the platforms presented in this article and don’t hesitate to discover our marketplace guide. 

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